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About Deviant Member Myra, Sox, Jenata, Naya, Taynara, Kanya, Ookami....Female/United States Group :iconmy-little-pony-fc51: My-Little-Pony-FC51
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Hello! Ask us questions we are:

Myra- a naruto oc

Ookami,  Naya, Taynara, and Kanya- Zatch Bell Ocs

Chiri- a inuyasha oc

Jenata- a homestuck oc (she is a troll)

Sox: A naruto oc(myras pet cat)

Sox: a homestuck oc (Jenata's lusus- he is a cat mixed with a bull.)

More oc's to come!

Main acount: :iconfmaandnarutofan:


Myra, Sox, Jenata, Naya, Taynara, Kanya, Ookami....
United States
Wel, we are all oc's.... why not ask us questions? Please ask a specific person or else a random oc will be selected to answer....

Myra: hello, Any questions are fine.... *yawn*

Sox (NOC): Meow! (translation: I will answer questions be sure of that!)

Jenata: :/zzz stupid creator makeng me answer bothersome questions... oh well, ask away....

Sox (HOC): ... (translation: Sorry bout her, go ahead and ask us questions! I'd be very happy to take any.)

Naya: Wanna play?! Me: *whispers something in her ear* oh... okay! i will take questions anyways! *smile*

Taynara: As long as money isn't involved i will answer your questions. I dont have the money for anything but fast food these days... Me: Don't worry, once we get far enogh in the rp, you'll get some ore money! Taynara: shut it creator.

Kanya: H-hi, umm... i-i'm answering questions... i-i guess...

Ookami: Questions are accepted, so is the chance of sending my sister back to the momodo world... *glares at Naya who hides behind taynara*

Chiri: I will answer any questions.... just nothing to personal okay?

Neshi: Hi! I'm also answering questions so just go ahead! *see's her brother (he will be availible for questions soon, hopefully)* gotta run! *flees*

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:33< *ac sneaks up behind Jeneta slowly and then tackle pounces!*
:/zzz i se wat you did ther . *AN jumps and hisis, not hapy with te supris*
:33< *ac giggles and stands up, offering her paw to help an up*
:/zzz *AN taks the paw and puts AC on her bak*
Famous quotes from Pewdiepie:
"Deerp.. Herp.. Camel. Put you down, Open tha door"

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